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A new era begins

For over a decade the ARRI ALEXA camera family ard for digital cinem phy. Now, ALEXA 35 raises the bar even higher with anew sensor and REVEAL Color Science.

ARRI's discussions with filmmakers and careful review of the image pipeline have led to significant image quality enhancements and a faster, easier workflow. REVEAL Color Science is a suite of new image processing steps used by ALEXA 35 internally and also available through leading third-party postproduction tools for ARRIRAW processing.

2.5 more stops than previous ALEXA cameras, with filmic highlight roll- off sier to handle any lighting conditions, more flexible in post Improvied sensitivity: lower noise, higher ISO 0 to El 6400, with color accuracy maintained at all exposure levels.

ARRI Debayer Algorithm ADA-7

-   First step in the new and improved image pipeline.

-   Converts ARRIRAW into camera native RGB image data.

-   Makes the most of the new sensor’s capabilities.

-   Cleaner color edges for blue and greenscreens.

-   Easy coinpositing speeds up VFX work in post.

Model ALEXA 35
Sensor Type Super 35 format ARRI ALEV 4 CMOS sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array
Sensor Maximum Number of Photosites and Size 4608 x 3164 27.99 x 19.22 mm/ 1.102x 0.757" Q 33.96 mm / 1.337"
Sensor Frame Rates 0.75 - 120 fps
Weight ~2.9 kg / 6.4 lbs (camera body with three antennas and LPL Mount (LBUS))
Photosite Pitch ~6.075 um

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The go-to camera for drama series,feature films and commercials

Combining the compact size and low weight of the popular ALEXA Mini with the large-format ALEXA LF sensor, ALEXA Mini LF brings exciting new creative possibilities to ARRI’s large-format camera system. With the software update 7.0, the Mini LF can now be universally used for large format and Super 35 productions.

Lens options for ARRI large-format cameras

Optimized for large-format lenses, the LPL lens mount fitted to ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF cameras accepts ARRI Signature Primes and Zooms, ARRI Rental DNA LF and 65 format optics, and third-party LPL lenses. The PL-to-LPL adapter, which attaches securely to the LPL lens mount without tools, offers backwards compatibility with all PL mount lenses, be they Super 35 or full frame. LDS-2 or /i lens metadata is accessible via the LPL mount, and LDS-1 or /i via the PL-to-LPL adapter. ARRI’s Frame Line and Lens Illumination Tool, available in the Learn & Help/Tools section of the ARRI website, illustrates how much of the large-format sensor is covered by a given lens.

Other manufacturers, such as Panavision and Vantage, offer proprietary lens mounts for the ALEXA LF and ALEXA Mini LF cameras, to support their own lens ranges. Cinematographers therefore have an almost unlimited lens choice when shooting with ARRI large-format cameras.

Technical Data

Model ALEXA Mini LF
Sensor Type Large Format ARRI ALEV III (A2X) CMOS sensor with Bayer pattern color filter array
Sensor Maximum Number of Photosites and Size 4448 x 3096 36.70 x 25.54 mm / 1.444 x 1.005" ⌀ 44.71 mm / 1.760"
Sensor Frame Rates 0.75 - 100 fps
Weight ∼2.6 kg / ∼5.7 lbs (camera body with LPL lens mount) 800 g (MVF-2)

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