The DSMC / DSMC2 Motion Mount from RED is an exciting piece of technology that really pushes any previous boundaries, not only in the RED Digital Cinema world but also the cinema camera industry as a whole.
Firstly, the Motion Mount is a minutely adjustable neutral density ND filter and linear polariser, any ND amount can be dialled in (via the RED Touch LCD menu) from 0.4 to 2.4 ND (that is 1.5 to 8 stops). This is a wonderful feature, time saving, weight saving, easy and efficient.
Secondly, the Motion Mount enables Global Shutter which eliminates partial-exposure when shooting strobe lights, gun muzzle flashes and fast moving objects. It also smooths out any camera pans; quick pans, whip pans, gone too is any unwanted shearing, rolling shutter, jello and the wagon wheel effect, all gone! Flickering TV screens or computer monitors are wiped out too. Furthermore, skewed images and smeared artefacts are a thing of the past, they won’t be missed! There are two Global Shutter modes; Soft Shutter and Square Shutter.

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