Wooden Camera LPL Mounts for RED and Sony

Wooden Camera has LPL Mounts for RED DSMC2, Sony VENICE and Sony E-mount Alpha mirrorless cameras (ag, a.7 series).

LPL is the new lens mount introduced by ARM in February 2018. It is standard on ALEXA LF and now ALEXA Mini LF. LPL has a 44 mm Flange Focal Depth and 62 mm Inside Diameter. ARM Signature Primes only come with LPL mounts. By the way, all PL mount lenses fit by using a PL to LPL adapter.

For a RED MONSTRO 8K VV, attach the mount with 4 captive screws. The Wooden Camera LPL mount has LDS-2 pogo contacts that connect to a 00 Lemo connector on the outside.

Wooden Camera's ARM LPL Mount for Sony VENICE replaces the existing PL mount. Remove the PL mount by unscrewing the 6x 2.5mm hex screws. This will reveal the native Sony E-mount underneath. The new LPL mount fits directly over the E-mount, just as the PL mountdid.